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Spray Tanning 

St Tropez Tan is a luxurious mist applied on any wanted areas of the body that developes and leaves you looking glowy and bronzed. Anyone with any skin colour can have a spray tan. For the most flawless tan your skin must be free of any previous tanning products, moisturizer, anti-perspirant, perfume or cosmetic creams of any sort so it can adhere evenly.  Waxing , shaving and any other hair removal procedures must be completed 24 hrs prior to treatment to ensure the hair folicles are closed or the tan will stick in them and can cause reactions.  Your entire body must be exfoliated, pay special attention to dry areas such as knees and elbows where dry skin can build up. Make sure you brink dark coloured loose clothing to put on afterwards to avoid rubbing the tan off.  If you have reactive or sensitive skin we recommend a patch test 24hours prior to the treatment to ensue you wont react. Your specialist will give you advice on how to make your tan last as long as possible. 

Half Body 
Full Body