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Spray Tanning

 Everyone always feels a bit better with a Tan. 
A tan will always boost your confidence making us feel slimmer, attractive and over all making us feel like we have completed our beauty routine or simply making us feel as though we have been on holiday - even if only in our minds.. 

We use two different brands, ensure you book for the correct brand you are wanting. 
We use B.Gorgeous Spray tan - this is available in a natural colour, dark colour and even a natural tone based with Argan Oil which is great for all dry and comprimised skin types. This tan has an amazing coverage for 5-7 days. 
B. Gorgeous Tans have a development time of 2-4 hours. 
We also use St. Tropez Spray Tan - this spray tan is the spray tan of the celebrities. Ensuring incredible coverage and longer lasting effects of 7-10 days this tan is beautiful to wear. 
St Tropez have a development time of 8-12 hours

Will I Go Orange?
NO! With either of our brands you will not go orange as neither of these brands have an orange base. They are formulated with a Green or Violet base giving you a beautiful natural tan look.

What is the process?
We ensure that you feel confident even when having your spray tan applied. You will be led through to the spray tan tent where we will go over your personal tan consultation talking about pre and post information and picking which colour you are wanting to work in with. 
From there you will choose how you feel comfortable to have your spray tan performed and then our highly trained therapists will apply the spray tan using a special spray tan gun application method which takes all of 10-15 minutes. As the spray tan is a liquid form you may need to be dried slightly with a dryer (kind of like a hairdryer) to ensure your tan is as set as can be upon leaving the clinic. 
From there you can get dressed into your loose clothing.

What do I wear while having the spray tan done?
This is completely up to you. Some people like to have their spray tans done with wearing their own knickers and bra/ bikini/swimsuit (please be aware if you chose this option to chose older under garments or swimwear as the tan will possibly stain your clothes when being applied). We supply a disposable G-String for those wanting just to have a small area covered or most people wear their birthday suit just to ensure their tan looks complete. 

What do I need to do before my tan?
Ensure to exfoliate the night before your spray tan,  pay special attention to dry areas such as knees and elbows where dry skin can build up. 
Make sure your body is free of any previous tanning products, moisturizer, anti-perspirant, perfume or cosmetic creams of any sort so it can adhere evenly.  
Waxing , shaving and any other hair removal procedures must be completed 24 hrs prior to treatment to ensure the hair folicles are closed or the tan will stick in them and can cause reactions. 
Make sure you brink dark coloured loose clothing to put on afterwards to avoid rubbing the tan off. 
If you have reactive or sensitive skin we recommend a patch test 24hours prior to the treatment to ensue you wont react.

What do I need to do to maintain my tan?
Avoid wearing tight clothes or shoes while your tan is developing to avoid it rubbing off in places.
Avoid sweating while your tan is developing so it doesn't run and streak.
Do not get any water on your tan while it's developing or you will have spots where it has washed off. Avoid cleaning your hands aswell.
When you do shower off your tan just use your hand ( no exfoliating gloves or loofas ) and a body wash with no exfoliating products in it.
Pat don't rub your skin dry.
Moisturize your tan every day to stop it from drying out and cracking.
When you are wanting to get rid of the tan just exfoliate off with either a scrub or exfoliating mitt.
Remember that - swimming, saunas and excessive sweating will affect the life of your tan. 
                         - your tan is NOT a substitute or alternative for SPF (Sunscreen) and should you get burnt whilst you have your spray tan your tan will peel with your skin. 

B. Gorgeous Spray Tan

Full Body

Half Body

St. Tropez Spray Tan

Full Body 

Half Body