Specialized Enzyme Peel

Using O Cosmedics, begin your journey towards healthier glowing skin.

  • 1 hour
  • P.O.A $129-$155

Service Description

O Cosmedics Enzyme Treatment Facials O Cosmedics is a revolutionary product developed especially for Australiasian skin types by Australian Scientists. O cosmedics are made to promote exceptional skin health, skin youth and skin confidence. O Cosmedics is biomimetic and therefore can mimic the structure of the skin barrier layers with your skin recognising the ingredients, dragging these active ingredients deeper into the skin to give a deeper penetration of reach to be able to repair and restore the skin from the base layer out. O Cosmedics is structured with all natural based ingredients scientifically developed to help benefit and repair your skin from the moment of skin cell regeneration through to the desquamation of the skin cells, a process which occurs every 28 days!! Don't believe how incredible this brand is? Do the research yourself at www.ocomedics.com O Cosmedics is revolutionary and is dedicated to determining and helping all skin types from proven methods of acne prevention and pH rebalancing to age-management and pigmentation dimishing, come and talk to our skin experts today to see how we can help to rebuild your confidence back into the skin your in! Formulated with potent and active ingredients, these treatments offer intense skin changing results to regain skin youth, health and radiance. Concluded using a luxe alginic mask infused with unique skin corrective peptides and anti-inflammatory actives. It is recommended that people come in regularly every 4 weeks at least to achieve their skin goals - You wouldn't expect to go to a personal trainer once and have the desired results with your body and your fitness, why do this with your skin? To achieve your desired results you must keep up your skins training at home and in clinic and trust us, with these products and with these methods you will achieve your skin goals and enjoy pure skin confidence everyday for the rest of your life. Please Note: Each Specialized O Cosmedics Facial is provided to you at the discretion of our expert skin therapists; please come in and have a complimentary skin analysis performed by our therapists to ensure you are having the correct skin regime at the right pace for your skin and ensure you are not starting on a facial which will not suit your skin type. Each facial is done to your own skin and your ability to understand the peels. We will not rush you nor will we push your skin too far.