Prices Available after consultation appointment

  • 30 minutes
  • Price Varies $30-$85

Service Description

Electrolysis treatment is a method where a disposable, fine and flexible needle is inserted into the follicle from which the hair is growing, then an electrical current is passed through the needle for between two to ten seconds destroying growing cells by heat (thermolysis), chemical reaction (galvanic) or a combination of the two (blend). The hair in the follicle is then removed with tweezers. The hair after some time will gradually grow more slowly and become finer and fairer until they stop altogether. Pricing Varies per appointment length. Appointments are made after an Electrolysis Consultation with our Electrolyigist to ensure you are booking for the correct time for your treatments. 15 Minutes = $30 30 Minutes = $50 60 Minutes = $85 Please contact us now to book in your consultation.