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Nail Treatments ~ Go30's Nails

Prescription Nails (Go30s)

GO30 Prescription Nails are a real revolution in the way we service clients with nail enhancements. They are called "Prescription" Nails because each set is carefully prescribed - the curvature and arch of each nail is precisely measured and recorded on a client's personal prescription card.

Go30 ends exposure to toxic chemicals and fumes.
Go30 reduces physical strain and there's virtually no tiring filing.

Go30s are some of the most natural looking and beautiful nails for every person. 

At Classique, we have had great response with Go30's for nail biters and people with problematic nails - leaving their nails looking beautiful and helping to grow out the natural nail underneath with no trauma to the nail area. 

These are great as a special occasion nail great for weddings, balls, conferences or any other special occasion. 

hese are a temporary nail that usually last 2 - 3 weeks which are soaked off each set with a new replacement set each time you leave and can be painted with either standard polish or gel polish.

Full Set Prescription Nails ( Plain ) 

Full Set Prescription Nails ( French ) 

Soak off & Replacement ( Plain ) 

Soak off & Replacement ( French ) 

Soak off, Nail tidy & Hardener Application






Add Ons

Nail Art 

          - per nail 

          - all 10 nails

Chrome Nails

          - per nail

          - all 10 nails

Diamanties ( each ) 

IBX under Gel polish