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Here we are almost at the end of February. Christmas is but a memory now. I don't know where the time goes. Lot's happening in our region and the latest is the dreadful Pigeon Valley fires how scary for all those people who found themselves homeless for a while and not knowing if they would have a home to return to.Our heartfelt thoughts go out to you all. Lets hope the fires end soon. The next thing is our lack of rain and water everyone is struggling to cope with this I don't think in all my years here we have actually not had rain for so very long. With this comes businesses in  threat of closure for times as without water they cannot operate.
 Lots of new things happening at Classique from new staff to treatments.We would like to introduce Heather Blacklaws to the salon. Heather is our new receptionist and will be in the salon Thursday's - Saturdays. We welcome her to our dynamic team making our total staff 5. (I don't want you all to get confused as I to am Heather and no doubt people will think I have returned to work I haven't) I am still around and love to catch up with all our lovely clients who still remember me). 
New things in the salon are our new Emendee Nail Table it is fantastic. This eliminates all the dust and odours from the salon making it a great asset to the nail girls. We have introduced Bon Bon products good enough to eat from Lip scrub to the beautiful body butters. My granddaughter loved the mousse so  much she thought she could eat it it is called birthday cake and smells just like it. The products have been a huge hit with our clients.
Our beautiful Nu Skin foundations are also a big hit as they are so natural and give coverage without looking heavy. Greta for the  more mature woman. Details below.

 Nu Skin Make-Up by O Cosmedics 98% of Natural Ingredients. A high performing natural foundation where silicons have been replaced by natural texturisers, designed to hydrate and protect the skin with a velvety finish. The formulation is enhanced by desert date oil, known for its hydrating, nourishing and purifying benefits. 20% of the formula is made by an organic fruit extract, to help fight environmental stress.
Lotus Skin Primer 97% of Natural Ingredient. An active primer that regenerates the skin thanks to the Lotus Flower water, a plant based active highly biocompatible and 100% pure, the formulation is engineered so the water is the first ingredient to touch the skin, infusing it with its calming action and cocktail of actives, 27% of the formula is made from an Organic Fruit extract, that promotes protection from environmental stress. Enriched with a completely natural soft focus complex, this primer creates the perfect canvas for any make-up, leaving the skin looking younger with a soft satin finish. 
 She loves doing weddings and special effect make-up.
Kelly our in salon Skin Specialist is extremely talented in all aspects of the skin. Pop in and see her for a free consultation
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Heather Kelly and the Team 

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