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BREAKING EXCITING NEWS.........Classique is moving to a new location. We have outgrown our little haven in Sundial Square after 20 years. During this time I have been privilaged to have amazing staff working for me. Including both my daughters at one time or another. A lot have moved on because of change in there circumstances moving away etc. I still maintian contact with a lot of my girls even now. Over this time many new treatments have come and gone and I am proud to say we still offer an extensive range of treatments to all.
I opened Classique with a Vertical Tanning machine and have to say it has brought along with it it's own set of issues from people saying well I've been in twice but not really seen much colour to How Much?????  Now the health dept is really trying to bannish them from the face of the planet it is time to say goodbye to that part of the salon. I know a lot of you will miss me having it but times change....
I also have always had a Spa Pedicure chair in the salon not anymore. I have decided to have a private pedicure room with two chairs enabling us to be able to do two at a time something we have not been able to offer. We also have facilities to be able to offer couple massages something else we have not been able to offer as we never had a room big enough.
The new salon is taking on a very "girlie" look and is very much the vintage theme. I am proud that my daughter Shannen who is also a Beauty Therapist has helped me immensly in this new journey. We want to bring to you our lovely supporters a very feminine place to come and visit. One where you can feel relaxed and spoilt upon leaving my amazing Team.
Nothing will change but the design and the size you will still receive the same amazing care that you always have. 
I want to thank my amazing Team for all there support and help during this time of change. To our amazing clients both existing and new enjoy our new home.....

Heather Kelly Ashleigh  Rachael and Shannen