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Tanning Information

Solarium Tanning -
               Classique Beauty Studio follows all Australiasian Regulations for the correct administration of UV light operated Sun Tanning Equipment.

We have a Sun Capsule stand-up solarium tanner for fast, effective & hygienic all-over even tanning. Our tanning machine has a maximum of 12 minutes tanning time. The sun capsule is regularly updated with new bulbs so for a first timer we keep the session at no more than 3-5 minutes depending on your skin as the bulbs give a very strong and intense tan - remember each individual has a different skin type and some people may not be able to use the solarium tanner.

PLEASE NOTE: All first timers to the salon & clients who have not been to us for 12 months or more are required to fill out a consultation form for tanning regulations. THIS IS COMPULSORY to use our sunbed.

We advise that if you are wanting to use the solarium tanner for the simple purpose of a tan to buy a tanning accelerator lotion as this will boost the production of melanin in your skin and allow your skin to process the UV rays in a healthier way while still protecting your skin. DRYskin does not tan so if you are not using an accelerator or exfoliating on a regular basis it will take a lot longer to achieve your tan, and cost a lot more  Please be aware that the amount of minutes that you do in the tanner will not change the process of the tan itself it must be gradual.

Solarium Tanning Pre-Cautions

- The Solarium Tanner CAN NOT be used every day; the maximum usage for the tanner is once every 48 hours.
- You may be asked to bring in a Doctors Certificate that allows you to tan if you have certain skin disorders or if you have moles on your body. 
- You may not be on any more than 3 minutes for your first time in the tanner as due to your fitzpatrick skin type.
- You WILL NOT be able to use the solarium if you are on medication such as Roaccutane or if you are using Proactive skin care range as these make you incredibly sensitive to light and UV rays.
No under 18's allowed in the Tanner
The Ban:
From the 4th January 2017 it is illegal for sunbed operators to allow under 18's to use a sunbed.  
You must provide upon request:
Current Passport
Current NZ Driver's licence
The full text of the law is at:

Spray Tanning Information

See our products list for St Tropez self tanning products.

St Tropez Tan is a luxurious mist applied and tailored by an expert in approximately 10-20 minutes.
To ensure your tan is flawless please follow our tanning advice.

Before Tanning advice:
  • If you have reactive or sensitive skin we recommend a patch test 24hours prior to the treatment.
  • Your skin must be free of any previous tanning products to ensure your tan will be even.
  • Your skin must be clean of any products such as moisturisers, deodorants, perfumes , etc  so the tan will adhere correctly.
  • Waxing , shaving and any other hair removal procedures must be completed 24 hrs prior to treatment.
  • Your entire body must be exfoliated to give an even, longer lasting tan. Pay special attention to dry areas such as knees and elbows.St Tropez Body Polish is perfect for exfoliating the body before your tan.
  • Bring dark loose clothing to wear after your tan.
After Tanning advice
  • Do not participate in activity which may cause perspiration as it will cause the tan to run.
  • Do not wear tight clothing as it will rub off the tan.
  • Do not shower or bathe for at least 4 hours (preferably 8 hours for best results) after the tan has been applied. You can sleep in your tan over night but be aware the tan could stain light coloured sheets.
  • Do not use soaps or body products for the first 24hours as they could affect the colour of your tan.
  • If possible do not wax, shave or use any other hair removal procedures as they may remove the tan.
Maintenance tips
  • Apply St Tropez Body Moisturiser daily to ensure a longer lasting tan.
  • Do not use any other tanning brands over your St Tropez tan as the can change the colour of your tan.
  • Do not rub, but pat yourself dry after showering or bathing.
  • Avoid chlorinated water as it will fade your tan and could change the colour.
  • Once your tan starts to fade use St Tropez Gradual tan every 2nd or 3rd day to get your tan to last twice as long.
  • When you want to remove your tan using St Tropez body polish to exfoliate the tan off.

Classique Spa & Beauty Therapy is a member or INTANZ (Indoor Tanning Association of New Zealand) and follows all regulations according to the Ministry of Health sunlamps guidelines.