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Hair Removal

Hair Removal
Eye Brow Sculpture
Eye Brow Tidy
  Eye Brow Tidy & Lip/Chin Wax 
  Eye Brow Tidy, Lip & Chin Wax
  Lip Or Chin Wax
  Lip & Chin Wax
  Sides of Face Wax
 Ear Wax
Neck Wax 
 Underarm Wax
 Half Arm Wax
Full Arm Wax 
  Basic Bikini Line Wax
High Bikini Line Wax  
  Full Brazilian *First Time*

  Return Brazilian *4-6 Weekly*
 Half Leg Wax
Three Quarter Leg Wax 
 Full Leg Wax
  Full Leg Wax Inc Basic Bikini Line
  Half Leg Wax Inc Basic Bikini Line
Full Leg, Basic Bikini Line & Underarm Wax  
Half Leg, Basic Bikini Line & Underarm Wax  
Full Leg Wax Inc Buttocks  
  Buttocks Wax
                                        Back or Front of Legs
                                              Nose wax
Depilar & Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal 

The Depilar Hair Removal System is a permanent hair removal treatment that is used in conjuction with Waxing or Tweezing, leaving amazing results over a period of time. 

In order to see satisfactory results, 4 week intervals between sessions are recommeneded for applications to the face and 4-6 weekly intervals for applications to the body.  P.O.A

Depilar is for Clinic Use Only

Electrolysis treatment is a method whereby a disposible, fine and flexible needle is inserted into the follicle from which the hair is growing, then an electrical current is passed through the needle for between two to ten seconds destroying growing cells by heat (thermolysis), chemical reaction (galvanic) or a combination of the two (blend). The hair in the follicle is then removed with tweezers. The hair after some time will gradually grow more slowly and become finer and fairer until they stop altogether. Some people may have a generic predisposition or imbalance in their hormones which produces an excess of hair and in these cases electrolysis can only be used to control the problem but in most cases by following a treatment regime hair removal is permanent. P.O.A