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Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancements

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Eyebrow Shape (20 mins)
Beautifully manicured eyebrows frame your face and give you more youthful looking eyes. Beauty therapists work with you to create the perfect eyebrow shape to suit your face. Top quality wax is used to remove the undesired hair as well as tweezers to give a defined shape.
Eye lash tint ( 20 mins)
Using a safe dye, your therapist will consult with you about the colour you desire for your eyelashes, the natural look or the dramatic mascara look. The dye is applied in a safe manor ensuring client comfort at all times. The finished look is dark lashes meaning no mascara needed. 
Eye brow tint (15 mins)
An eyebrow tint further defines your eyebrows. Brow tinting is also perfect for those who have white/grey hairs starting to pop through. Your therapist can create a unique colour mix to suit your tone.
Eyebrow tint and tidy (20 -30mins)
An eyebrow tint and tidy is the best way to enhance your brows. 

Combo deal - Lash tint brow tint and tidy
Not only will you save $10 by combining these three treatments but you will also enhance and accentuate your eyes for the perfect over all look.
Eyelash tint and brow tidy (20-30 mins) 
The perfect combination keeping your brows in shape and defining your eyes.


EyeLash Extensions

Full Set Lash Extensions
 2-3 week replacement
Lash Extension Removal

Lash Lift. (perm)

Silicon Technology moulds to any Eye Shape

Enhances lashes lifting right from the root

Eliminates over curling during Treatment Creates the illusion of lash lengthening Easy to use lasting approx 10-12 weeks Natural looking – Opens up the eyes Used to straighten or curl eyelash Suitable for short and long                                                                                 lashes  Perfect results every time


                                                                         $75.00 includes Lash Tint


Experience The Magic with LiLash..
The World's Fastest Acting and Most Powerful Lash and Brow Serums. 
Get Longer Lashes and Bolder Brows Start Today!

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Christian Faye Brow Kit

A revolutionary system that creates perfectly shaped eyebrows in just seconds. Quality water resistant powder makes up that stays on. Once applied no need for touch ups.

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