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Well here we are and the cold blast that has hit is a reminder of what is to come. Hopefully you are all ready for the next few cold months. We spent our weekend putting away our firewood like little squirrels we neatly stacked it all out of the weather. I have been lucky enough to have just been to Sydney for our 25th wedding anniversary my amazing husband surprised me with a 5 day holiday. He is the most fantastic man....

 Onto Salon stuff. As you all know there is not better time to take care of your skin than the winter it means we can do more peels as as the sun isn't as hot and our skin can take the extra treatments. I always make the most of winter as it is perfect for improving the skin and erasing those lines. I was lucky enough (or not) to turn 61 in January and I have to say it is just a state of mind. I think I look better now than I did 20 years ago. That is thanks to O Cosmedic skin treatments and skin care I wouldn't be without it and of course Kelly she is amazing at looking after me and my skin. Phone Kelly to discuss your treatments she is our Senior Therapist/Manager and is fully up to play with all the latest developments in skin care. On the 3rd of May Kelly is off to a Masterclass to learn about the Cellular structure of the skin, Pigmentation and how to combat this and Hormonal changes to the skin and how our hormones affect us. 

 Don't forget about those feet as well they have been out all summer and probably look a little tired so pedicures are great at this time of year then you can put them safely into your shoe's knowing they are taken care of until the spring. Although I like to have regular pedicures to keep them at there best and I love to have my toenails painted all year round always ready for any emergency that may arise.

Hands are the next to take care of watch this space as we will be bringing into the salon an anti ageing hand care system during the next few weeks, designed to stop the aging process and make your hands look amazing.

We are proud to offer the amazing Skin Detox underarm Cream, if you struggle with body odour then this is the product for you. Long lasting and easily applied have a look on our product page for more information this is an absolutely amazing product and both men and woman can use it. Aluminium free. It really works...

Well I think I've pretty much covered things for now. Buckle down and keep warm this winter. Thank you to all our wonderful clients both new and existing without you we wouldn't be here.

Heather Kelly and the Team

Monthly Deals

Even though it's winter, it doesn't mean you need to look like it is, or escaping the cold and going on holiday why not book in a spray tan for the bronze glowing skin.

For this month only $15